Undergraduate Program Minor in Irish Studies

The Minor in Irish Studies offers a curriculum with great flexibility and variety. Students in any number of majors can develop their understanding of Ireland past and present through coursework and first-hand experience of Ireland. Undergraduate courses offered at both Notre Dame and O’Connell House in such fields as Anthropology; English; Film, Television, and Theatre; History; Irish Language and Literature; and Political Science—and then cross-listed with Irish Studies (the Keough-Naughton Institute)—provide Notre Dame students with a unique opportunity to explore Ireland’s extraordinary culture and literature (in both the English and Irish languages) and distinctive historical development, including its influence on the United States. 

Irish Studies courses are open to all undergraduates but a certain number of spaces in each course are reserved for our minors.

 Irish Studies Minor requirements are: 

  • three semesters of Irish Language
  • four classes cross-listed with Irish Studies in such departments as Anthropology; English; Film, Television, and Theatre; History; Irish Language and Literature, or Political Science.  Courses may be taken on Notre Dame’s campus and at Dublin’s O’Connell House
  • in lieu of one of the four courses, students can do an independent study with a faculty fellow.  The topic must be agreed upon before the independent study begins.


Declaring the Minor: Students are advised to meet with their departmental advisor for their major, then fill out the necessary paperwork in the Keough-Naughton Institute.

1916 The Irish Rebellion 1904


Minor requirements

Courses and Curriculum

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