Procedures and Timetables

The Capstone essay is a two semester project, although the bulk of the writing will be done in the second semester.  Assuming a fourteen-week semester, here is the schedule you will be following:

First Semester


  • Choose a topic and an advisor with whom you will work. Your advisor can be any member of the Irish Studies faculty. Once your advisor agrees to work with you s/he will sign a form which you must submit to the Irish Studies office by the end of the month.   You should then meet with your advisor to work on developing your topic.



  • Submit a formal topic proposal to your advisor. The proposal will be 1-2 pages long, accompanied by a preliminary bibliography.  It must be signed by your advisor and filed at the Irish Studies off by the end of the semester. 
  • Register for the three-credit capstone course BEFORE the semester starts begins

Second Semester


  • Begin meeting with your advisor at least twice a month (and ideally more often) to discuss your progress


  • Turn in a complete draft to your advisor.  Your advisor will then meet with you to discuss your draft, give you feedback, and make suggestions for revisions


  • The final version of your essay must be submitted to the Irish Studies office and to your advisor