Irish Studies Graduate Colloquium


Location: B101 Jenkins Nanovic Halls


Please join us for Notre Dame's first Irish Studies Graduate Colloquium.

Designed to build community and to provide academic support to graduate students whose work engages with Irish Studies, the colloquium will feature four current graduate students:

12 noon: Alexa McCall (History): "Irish Church lands and Confederate Catholic politics, 1642-1649," exploring the importance of debates over confiscation, particularly over the confiscation of church lands and property during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms/British Civil Wars.

12:30 p.m.Corey Hemmerich (Law):  Comparing Masterpiece Cakeshop (United States Supreme Court) and the Northern Irish Ashers Baking Company (United Kingdom Supreme Court), both cases dealing with a bakery owner's stated right to refuse service to a person who identified as LGBTQ on the grounds that it conflicted with their own right to freedom of speech and religion. 

1:00 p.m.Logan Quigley (English):  Arguing that the (late 12th-century) Acallam na Senórach’s temporal collapse resists the English colonial project as laid out in Gerald of Wales’ Topographia Hibernica by both situating medieval Ireland within the paradigm of Augustinian time and simultaneously foisting the painful experience of time upon the reader.

1:30 p.m.: Laura Taylor Steiner (Theology), "Constructing Sacred Time in Ireland: Sources from Irish Religious Folklore and Popular Practice," on the development of calendrical festivals of the saints in Irish religious folklore and popular practice.

Each graduate student will present his or her research for 10-12 minutes and then receive questions and comments from the audience for approximately 15 minutes. All students presenting have papers in progress and are eager to receive feedback on their work to date. The idea is to create a space to present work-in-progress, with the intention that the authors walk away with useful feedback that will help progress the work towards publication. 

Lunch provided.  (Please RSVP to Mary Hendriksen at so that we have enough lunches on hand.)

We encourage graduate students and faculty in any discipline to attend. 

Please feel free to attend just one of the four talks or as many as your schedule allows.

Students of the colloquium committee: Julian Dean (English), Clare O'Hare (Political Science), and Laura Taylor Steiner (Theology).