Anne Dolan on "Bearing All Kinds of Witness to War: Finding Violence In Revolutionary Ireland"


Location: Jenkins Nanovic Halls, Room 1050


Anne Dolan is Associate Professor in Modern Irish History, Trinity College Dublin.

Her research focuses on the nature and the legacy of the Irish civil war, with a particular interest in the consequences of violence at a political and at a personal level and in placing the Irish experience in a wider context. This work stems from a broader interest in the nature of the two states in Ireland in the inter-war period. 

In this talk, Professor Dolan will consider aspects of witness testimony and ask: To whom do we choose to listen when we write the history of violence in revolutionary Ireland?

Her publications include:

  • ‘No surrender here!’ The civil war papers of Ernie O’Malley (Dublin: Lilliput Press, 2008) (Ed. with C.K.H. O’Malley]
  • Reinterpreting Emmet: Essays on the life and legacy of Robert Emmet (Dublin: UCD Press, 2007) (Ed. With P.M. Geoghegan and D. Jones).  
  • Commemorating the Irish Civil War: History and Memory, 1923-2000 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003) (2nd edition, 2006).


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