Classics and Irish Politics 1916-2016 June 20-23, Dublin

The conference on Classics and Irish Politics 1916-2016 addresses for the first time, in an academic context, how models from Greek and Roman antiquity have permeated Irish political discourse over the last century. The 1916 Easter Rising, when Irish nationalists rose up against British imperial forces, became almost instantly mythologized in Irish political memory as a key turning point in the nation’s history which paved the way for an independent Irish Republic. Its centenary provides a natural point for reflection on Irish politics, and the aim of this conference is to highlight an under-appreciated element in Irish political discourse, namely its frequent reliance on and reference to classical Greek and Roman models.

View the final programme for Classics and Irish Politics: classicsandirishpolitics.finalprogramme.pdf 

Read the report on the conference by its director, Professor Isabelle Torrance: