Ian Kuijt

Ian Kuijt

Ian Kuijt, Professor of Anthropology

Specialty: archeology, Neolithic and lithic technology and early agriculture; Ancient Near East, Western N. America and Ireland.

Prof. Kuijt is the Principle Investigator of the Cultural Landscape of the Irish Coastal Project which has conducted archeological digs on the island of Inishark for the past six summers.  He also teaches a class examining the Archeology of Ireland and currently is involved in the Island Voices Video ethnography project. 

He is an author of the video book Island Places, Island Lives; Exploring Inishbofin and Inishark Heritage, County Galway, Ireland (Wordwell Press 2015), launched at Notre Dame during Digital Scholarship Week 2015.

Office: 617 Flanner  

Email: Kuijt.1@nd.edu