Sara Maurer

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Sara Maurer, Associate Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English

Specialty: Nineteenth-century literature of Great Britain and Ireland, gender studies, post-colonial studies.

Professor Maurer’s research focuses on the field of Victorian literature produced throughout the British Isles. In The Dispossessed State: Britain, Ireland, and Narratives of Ownership in the Nineteenth Century (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012), she focuses on literature of the British Isles that narrates Ireland as the site of a unique, culturally specific style of ownership. In it, she argues that Irish indigenous ownership had attractions even for the British Victorian culture that countenanced Irish colonization.

Professor Maurer’s current research covers two areas. The first concerns the influence of Irish writers such as Michael and John Banim, Charles Maturin, and William Allingham on British literature. The second investigates the ways of knowing and feeling that Victorians associated with charitable action, both in works of literature, such as those by Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Charlotte Brontë and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but also in archival materials such as advice books for charitable workers, annual reports of charities, and the rules of newly established Anglican sisterhoods and brotherhoods. Within this strand of her research, she published an entry on "Philanthropy" in The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)—a volume that was named an "outstanding reference source list" for adults by the American Library Association.

Professor Maurer received the Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, CSC, Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 2014.



Office: 253 Decio Hall