1916: The Irish Rebellion

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The Annual Seamus Heaney Memorial Lecture—Eve Patten on "Heaney, Auden, and the Age of Anxiety"


In the Institute’s annual Seamus Heaney Memorial Lecture, Eve Patten, Professor of English and Director of the Oscar Wilde Centre at Trinity College, Dublin, will speak on the theme of the poet and anxiety. Taking its cue from Heaney’s essay "Sounding Auden," this lecture will revisit Heaney’s complex response to his predecessor W.H. Auden’s "hungering for a form" against a backdrop of world crisis, and considers—seven decades after the appearance of Auden’s "The Age of Anxiety"—the role of poetry in apprehensive times.  

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John Banville - Reading and Public Talk


The award-winning novelist John Banville will be a short-term visitor at the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies from 30 October through mid-November 2018.

His reading and public talk will feature a text and remarks related to themes of fiction writing.

Reception to follow.

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Meet an Irish Studies Minor: Rose Pupel

Author: Mary Hendriksen


For Notre Dame senior economics major and Irish Studies minor Rose Pupel, a choice she made her first year at Notre Dame, proved to be transformative. She enrolled in "The Irish in the World" with Professors Patrick Griffin and Ian Kuijt. . . and that class led to a fascinating and deeply personal research project, study abroad in Dublin, and a passion for even more Irish Studies courses.


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The Summer 2018 IRISH Seminar Provides “Full Immersion” into the Ireland of 1600 to 1800

Author: Mary Hendriksen

2018 Irish Seminar

The theme of the 2018 IRISH Seminar, a signature Keough-Naughton Institute event, was "Ireland 1600-1800: Kingdom, Colony, Union, Empire." Directed by Christopher Fox, Professor of English and Director of the Institute from 2001 through 2017, the seminar delivered "full immersion" into a period of Ireland's history that remains both seminal and highly contested.

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