1916 The Irish Rebellion in São Paulo, Brazil

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Kni 1916 Handout Cvr 1

The award-winning 1916 The Irish Rebellion will be screened on Thursday, August 24, at 4:00 p.m. in São Paulo, Brazil, at the Cinusp Paulo Emílio (with Portuguese subtitles).

The screening occurs as part of the 11-day Cultural Trauma Show in Ireland and Brazil, featuring films and debates that explore different historical moments in these countries. The organizers of the event say that, "In its definition, cultural trauma occurs when members of a large group, or even of an entire nation, experience events that leave permanent marks in their memories and in their collective consciousness, altering and reconstructing their identity."

After the screening (86 minutes), there will be a debate featuring:

Bríona Nic Dhiarmadathe originator, writer, producer and executive producer of the documentary, and the Thomas J. and Kathleen M. O'Donnell Professor of Irish Studies and Concurrent Professor of Film, Television and Theater, University of Notre Dame. She is also the author of The 1916 Irish Rebellion as well as articles on Irish culture and literature, scripts, and other documentaries.  

Laura Izarra, a professor at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, coordinator of the Chair of Irish Studies, and president of the Brazilian Association of Irish Studies. She completed a Master's and PhD in Linguistic and Literary Studies in English from USP and holds postdoctoral degrees from the University of London and from Trinity College, Dublin. She is a researcher in the fields of postcolonial studies, Irish studies and diasporic theory.

The screening in São Paulo is the final event in the Institute's Reframing 1916 project, which brought select Notre Dame faculty to over 40 museums, institutions, and universities with an Irish Studies presence to engage with their faculty, students, and the public in a scholarly response and reassessment of the seminal events of 1916.

In addition to the Reframing 1916 project, the documentary was shown in over 60 countries and five continents—including national broadcasts on RTÉ (Ireland), BBC (Great Britain), TFI Histoire (France), SBS (Australia), among many others. On one day this fall, October 21st, the documentary was screened in four cities on four different continents:  Asunción, Paraguay; Montreal; Prague; and Tokyo.

Christopher Fox, Director of the Keough-Naughton Institute and executive producer for Notre Dame for the film, says: "The Institute's 1916 documentary has had a truly remarkable reach and an impact on a global scale. As former President of Ireland Mary McAleese has noted, 1916 The Irish Rebellion has changed the way the world looks at the history of Ireland—and, I would add, the way the world looks today at the disintegration of empires in the early 20th century. Truly, the 1916 Easter Rising was a brief event in a small country but one with long-term consequences for the world in which we live."