Celebrating 20 Years: 1993 - 2013

Bringing Ireland to Notre Dame and Notre Dame to Ireland

Ag tabhairt na hÉireann go Notre Dame agus Notre Dame go hÉirinn

Current Events

“1916 and High Modernism”

Brian O'Conchumhair

Brian Ó Conchubhair, Associate Professor of Irish Language and Literature at the University of Notre Dame, presents “1916 and High Modernism” at 3:30 PM Friday, December 5th in 424 Flanner Hall.

Ó Conchubhair, also Director of the Center of Study of Languages and Culture, authored a monograph on the intellectual history of the Irish revival entitled Fin de Siècle na Gaeilge: Darwin, An Athbheochan agus Smaointeoireacht na hEorpa

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The Intertextual Genius of Marina Carr's Ariel

Isabelle Torrance

On Friday, February 6th in 424 Flanner Hall the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies presents Isabelle Torrance, Associate Professor of Classics.  Professor Torrance will speak to “The Intertextual Genius of Marina Carr's Ariel. 

Professor Torrance specializes in archaic and classical Greek literature and culture, especially Greek tragedy and religion. She is also interested in the reception of classical myth in later literature. In her teaching she aims to combine broad understanding of different literary genres, and what they tell us about Greek culture.

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2015 Spring Semester Irish Studies Courses Announced

Author: Margaret Lloyd

In Spring 2015 students may choose among Irish Studies class offerings in Irish language - from beginning to advanced, an introduction to Irish writers including Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and Brian Friel, as well as the story of Irish America.
Taught by Keough-Naughton faculty fellows in Irish Language and Literature, History, English, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Film, Television, and Theatre, and American Studies departments, classes encompass a wide range of Irish history, literature, drama and language. Class offerings include:…

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Lecture explores role of Irish Literature in world

Author: Clare Kossler

Ph.D. candidate Kara Donnelly discussed the role of Irish literature relative to other literary genres in the lecture “Contemporary Irish Novels and World Literature in English: The Case of the Irish Booker” at Flanner Hall on Friday.

Donnelly said she wanted to examine specifically the influence of Irish literature on the world stage.…

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