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The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies is a teaching-and-research institute dedicated to the study and understanding of Irish culture—in Ireland and around the world—in all of its manifestations.

The Keough-Naughton Center for Irish Studies is part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, advancing integral human development through research, policy, and practice.


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    Three Questions with . . . Etain Tannam

    This month's installment of "Three Questions" features Etain Tannam, Associate Professor International Peace Studies, Trinity College Dublin, who is an expert on cross-border cooperation and British-Irish relations.

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Alexa McCall, a History graduate student with an Irish Studies minor, studies “materiality”—and the way that it intersects with the spiritual.

"My focus is the change people want to make in their society, and how they attempt to translate those ideas into practice. In my research, I seek to understand how, in seventeenth-century Ireland, the goals of colonial plantation and religious reformation intersected."

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