Historians, Truth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland


Location: 424 Flanner Hall

ian mcbride

Ian McBride, Professor of History at King's College London, will give a lecture Historians, Truth and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland at 3 PM on Friday, September 5th in 424 Flanner Hall.  A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Bristish Association for Irish Studies, he has written numerous articles and papers on topics in modern Irish and British history. His published books include The Siege of Derry in Ulster Protestant Mythology (1997), Scripture Politics: Ulster Presbyterians and Irish Radicalism in the Late Eighteenth Century (1998) and Eighteenth Century Ireland: The Isle of Slaves (2009).  McBride's current research centers on two areas: Jonathan Swift and Ireland, recently completing an edition of Swift's politcal writings; and Truth and Reconcilation in Northern Ireland, which he believes has an audience much wider than Ireland.