The Ends of Irish Studies


Location: 424 Flanner Hall


The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies presents Christopher Morash, Seamus Heaney Chair in Trinity College Dublin, at 3:30 PM Friday, February 27th in 424 Flanner Hall. His talk “The Ends of Irish Studies” considers the state of Irish Studies. 

"A decade after the journal Foreign Policy declared Ireland to be the most globalised country in the world, is it time to ask if Ireland any longer exists as a coherent or unified object of study?  One way to examine the ends of any enterprise is to look at its beginnings; keeping in mind, as Edward Said reminds us, that beginnings ‘can only be discovered a posteriori.’  At the same time, to ask about ‘ends’ is to ask about values, and about limits.  This talk will explore these questions as they relate to the field of Irish Studies today."