Los San Patricios: The Story of the St. Patrick's Battalion


Location: Patricia George Decio Theatre, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Hagerty Irish Performer Series 

Los San Patricios: The story of the St. Patrick's Battalion is a performance that connects Mexican and Irish music traditions to recount a significant and largely forgotten period of cultural conflict, religious faith, war and sweeping social transformation that shaped the United States. 

Through music, song and dance Sones de México Ensemble and the Irish Music School of Chicago tell the story of the St. Patrick's battalion, a group of mostly Irish immigrant soldiers who fought on the side of Mexico during the Mexican-American War of 1846–1848. Many of the battalion's members deserted the U.S. Army to side with Mexico sharing the Catholic faith and opposition to an imperial war.

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Latino Studies and the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies.

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