Enrico Terrinoni on "Joyce, Giordano Bruno, and the 'Worlds of Words'"


Location: Room 1050 Jenkins Nanovic Halls


Enrico Terrinoni, Chair in English Literature at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia, and the Italian translator of Joyce’s Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, will speak on the topic: "“Joyce, Giordano Bruno, and the ‘Worlds of Words'."

While Joyce’s fondness for Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher burnt at stake in Rome in 1600, is well-known and deeply studied, the influence of Bruno on Joyce has often been confined to the principle of the coincidence of the opposites (which he derived mainly from the intuitions of Nicholas of Cusa) and to his own defiant version of the non serviam [“I will not serve."]. Bruno’s shadows, however, permeate Joyce’s works, and his is a hidden presence also in Joyce’s aesthetics. Joyce’s debt to Bruno has to do primarily with questions dealing with the capability of our language – through continuous transformations and transmutations – to capture the “plurability” of the universe, in an equation between the infinite spaces of the “chaosmos” and the “infinibility” of the mind.

Declan Kiberd, Donald and Marilyn Keough Professor of Irish Studies, Professor of English and Irish Language and Literature says of Dr. Terrinoni:
"Dr. Terrinoni is one of the leading interpreters of Joyce and author of Occult Joyce and a history of the modern novel after Joyce. His translation of Ulysses into Italian won the prestigious Premio Napoli and sold over 50,000 copies in the year after publication. He is now working with others on a translation of Finnegans Wake. He is a vivid lecturer, unafraid to tackle controversial themes--and an expert also on Giordano Bruno, whose reputation Joyce did so much to revive. His talk, bringing together Joyce and Bruno, will be a memorable moment in the history of Irish and Italian Studies at Notre Dame."

More on Enrico Terrinoni:  Professor Terrinoni holds a PhD from University College Dublin, and was a Research Fellow at Indiana University and Marsh’s Library, Dublin. He has translated such authors as Francis Bacon, Brendan Behan, Muriel Spark, John Burnside, BS Johnson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Alasdair Gray, and James Joyce.

Professor Terrinoni's Italian translation of James Joyce's Ulysses won the “Premio Napoli” for Italian language and Culture in 2012. He is currently working on the new Italian translation of Edgar Lee Masters’s Spoon River Anthology, and with Fabio Pedone, on the Italian translation of Finnegans Wake, of which Book III (chapters 1 and 2) was published by Italy’s leading publisher, Mondadori, in January 2017. He’s the author of several books and articles on Joyce, Irish literature, and translation theory. He is working on a book of translation philosophical theory titled “Translating Ourselves.” Professor Terrinoni has given talks and lectures in many countries, including Ireland, the UK, Spain, France, Hungary, and Romania.

Professor Terrinoni's talk at Notre Dame is co-sponsored by The Creative Writing Program and Italian Studies at Notre Dame.

Read more:  "Italy set to Wake up to Joyce opus," The Sunday Times, February 15, 2017.  See a PDF of the article:  Terrinonitranslation