The Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies' IRISH Seminar 2023: "Ireland and America"

Author: Mary Hendriksen


Despite being separated by an ocean, Ireland and America are inextricably linked through emigration, trade, political collaboration, and cultural exchange. Irish immigrants in America helped shape the political and cultural institutions of the United States while American political and cultural organizations have in turn helped shape modern Ireland. Whether we look at the presence of the Fenian Brotherhood in America or Facebook’s headquarters in Ireland, the linkage between Ireland and America is profound, sustained, and replete with events and issues of scholarly interest. The two places an ocean apart are also bound by shared and parallel processes of change. Both became, for better or worse, important nodes in a global system. This did so in entangled ways. As such, any study of the two places lends itself to comparative perspectives. 

The IRISH Seminar 2023 will take a broad look at Ireland and America while we take residence in New York City, the landing site for millions of Irish immigrants in America. We will explore the rich history of the Irish in New York by immersing ourselves in the neighborhoods and institutions they called home. This year’s Seminar is graciously being hosted by the Irish Arts Center, the premier institute for the study and celebration of Irish culture in New York City. We will also be working closely with our colleagues at New York University's Glucksman Ireland House, who are deeply invested in the study of Ireland and America. 

The dates of the 2023 IRISH Seminar are 20 June-1 July.

Information about the application process coming soon!