1. Tannam2018 Sq

    Three Questions with . . . Etain Tannam

    This month's installment of "Three Questions" features Etain Tannam, Associate Professor International Peace Studies, Trinity College Dublin, who is an expert on cross-border cooperation and British-Irish relations.
  2. Stephenoneill Crop

    Three Questions with . . . Stephen O'Neill

    Stephen O'Neill (NEH Fellow 2019-2020), whose research explores the cultural construction of statehood after the establishment of partition in Ireland, is now organizing the conference "100 Years of Self-Determination" at the IMMA.
  3. Frankshovlin

    Three Questions with . . . Frank Shovlin

    Frank Shovlin, University of Liverpool, is the editor of The Letters of John McGahern, published to critical acclaim in Fall 2021. Discover his newest book project, what he is reading, and how he is emerging from the pandemic.
  4. Haughey

    Gary Murphy's new book: "Haughey"

    Gary Murphy, Professor of Politics in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University, and twice a visiting fellow at the Keough-Naughton Institute, has published a long-awaited biography of the Fianna Fáil politician Charles Haughey.
  5. Neh2017jose

    Three Questions with . . . José Brownrigg-Gleeson Martínez

    An NEH fellow at the Institute in the 2017-2018 year, Dr. Brownrigg-Gleeson is exploring the role the Hispanic world played in shaping Irish attitudes towards colonialism, empire, and modernity during the first half of the 19th century.
  6. Alice Mcdermott Epic Photographer Jamie Shoenerger

    Three Questions with . . . Alice McDermott

    Read about the two new book projects of acclaimed author Alice McDermott, why she is rereading Dostoevsky's "Demons," and how the pandemic has changed her outlook on planning for "the future."
  7. Nessacronin

    Three Questions with . . . Nessa Cronin

    From Galway, Dr. Nessa Cronin writes of her continued focus on the environment and our troubled relation to it. She also recommends poems and books that have brought insights and solace during the pandemic.