Full List of NEH Fellows

Complete List of Fellows:

Judith Stapleton, Yale University (2023-2024)

Katie Mishler, University College Dublin (2022-2023)

Julie Morrissy, Ulster University (2021-2022)

Colleen Taylor, Boston College (2021-2022)

Stephen O'Neill, Trinity College Dublin (2019-2020)

Chanté Mouton Kinyon, National University of Ireland Galway (2018-2019)

José Brownrigg-Gleeson Martínez, University of Salamanca (2017-2018)

Eugene Costello, National University of Ireland Galway (2016-2017)

Liam Lanigan, University College Dublin (2015-2016)

Matthew Gertken, University of Texas, Austin (2014-2015)

Florence Impens, Trinity College Dublin (2014-2015)

James "Wes" Hamrick, University of Notre Dame  (2013-2014)

Malcolm Sen, University College Dublin  (2012-2013)

Deirdre Ní Chonghaile, University College Cork  (2011-2012)

Sonja Tiernan, University College Dublin (2010-2011)

Jane McGaughey, University of London (2009-2010)

Ian Alden Russell, Trinity College Dublin (2008-2009)

Katie Brown, Trinity College Dublin (2007-2008)

John Gibney, Trinity College Dublin (2006-2007)

Guy Beiner, National University of Ireland, Dublin (2005-2006)

Brendan Kane, Princeton University (2004-2005)

Mary Burke, Queens University Belfast (2003-2004)

Michael Griffin, University of Oxford (2002-2003)


"I am absolutely certain that my NEH Fellowship was the opportunity that facilitated all the subsequent opportunities, the first thing I list at the top of my CV. That call from Professor Fox changed the course of my life."

 Mary Burke, Professor; Irish Concentration Coordinator; Honors Program Director in English, University of Connecticut /2003-2004 NEH Keough Fellow