Irish Studies Concentration within the Keough School of Global Affairs' Supplementary Major

Undergraduates who earn a supplementary major from the Keough School of Global Affairs can choose to concentrate in Irish Studies.

The Supplementary Major in Global Affairs offers students the opportunity to overlay a global way of thinking on to primary studies in business, engineering, science, architecture, or arts & letters.

As a complement to a student's primary major, the supplementary major in global affairs requires 30 credit hours to complete: 15 credits of core coursework and 15 credits in a concentration.

The Keough-Naughton Institute administers a concentration in Irish Studies within the supplementary major. The concentration is interdisciplinary by design, so that students can learn about Irish Studies in a global context.


The requirements for the concentration are four elective classes cross-listed with Irish Studies plus one capstone course (KSGA 43001/IRST 43001). The four classes can be in such departments as Anthropology, English, History, Irish Language and Literature, Political Science, or Film, Television and Theatre. 

Students pursuing the supplementary major in global affairs are encouraged, but not required, to study the Irish language to satisfy the supplementary major's language requirement.

Students interested in the Supplementary Major in Global Affairs should contact Denise Ayo, Associate Director of Academic Programs, Keough School:

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"The Irish people have always sought to understand themselves as a global community, closely interconnected and invested in the developments of religion, culture, scholarship, economics and trade, and law."

Amy Mulligan, Associate Professor of Irish Language and Literature
Fellow, Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies